The Intolerable Shits and the Incredible Sense8

Woohoo! Last day of school for the semester! Finally get some time to rest after the most exhausting term yet.

I’ve been pretty pissed off with my school lately. Last week was the end of our semester exams, finally got some time to chill, catch up on TV shows I’ve missed, marathon a season of Supernatural. You know, the usually post-exam therapy. Then this week we get loaded with two math assignments to finish by the end of the day, and four hours worth of math tests get sprung on us.
I was incredibly annoyed when I found it, since we were told the day before about the tests, and given no warning about the assignments. But what made it worse is that the tests were for a level of math about a quarter of the grade doesn’t cover in our syllabus, so we were vasically clueless for majority of it and ended up walking out halfway through.
On the plus side, finishing the exam early meant I could start watching Sense8, the new show on Netflix. I only watched about half of the first episode before some of my other friends finished, but I really enjoyed the bit I saw. Which is surprising since it was mostly just dramatic music and the occasional half-sentence of dialogue. Since tomorrow is the first day of the holidays I’ll probably kick it off with a Sense8 marathon.

So yeah, there are ups and downs. Not dead yet, so could be worse. Although the amount of chocolate I eat will probably give me a heart attack in the not too distant future.

This blog might not last too long.

The Intolerable Shits and the Incredible Sense8

Let’s Begin

Trying to think of a clever way to start this blog, but I guess I’ll just go generic.

My name is Jacques. I’m 17 (and a half…). I’m physically conservative, so I watch a lot of TV. Doctor Who, Skins, Once Upon a Time, Agents of SHIELD and Shameless are my favourites. Game of Thrones is next (Targaryen or GTFO). I also read comics (Marvel over DC, but still love both), which I will make vague references to a lot.

I’m gay. Figured that out when I was 11. Then I went through the awkward bisexual stage. Then once again realised I’m as gay as the average Queer As Folk character last year.

This blog will be mostly my ramblings about whatever shit is happening in my life or my opinions on shit happening to other people.

Yeah, that’s basically it. I’ll post when there’s stuff to post about or things I want to post. Depends how I feel.

Let’s Begin